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A select sample of videos showcasing our creative approaches to telling family stories.

The Hidden Court
Winner of Best Feature Documentary at the Jersey Shore Film Festival, The Hidden Court tells the story of 11 unassuming suburban dads playing ‘prohibition’ basketball amidst the Covid pandemic, and the difference that one basketball court, nestled in the middle of woods, made for these men.

The Calendar Invite from Heritage Media Group.
This was a very special family video biography where we documented the lives and stories of 3 brothers. And boy, did they have stories…in this excerpt, Al tries to teach Tiny how to use his smartphone.

LA DOLCE VITA from Heritage Media Group.
We love to hear Sandy with his Scottish accent and perfect Italian parlance – a product of having grown up in Rome and Glasgow. Rome in the 1950s is so alluring….This is an excerpt of a 90-minute in-depth family biography video.

WWII Last Train Out of Riga from Heritage Media Group.
We filmed Mrs. H for two days, and she was 92 at the time! In this moving chapter she recalls her escape from Riga.

Ezra: May His Memory Be For A Blessing
Ezra’s story is unique. Teen suicide isn’t. This award-winning film takes a heartfelt look into the teenage suicide epidemic.

The Veterans of Brookdale Countryside.
A special video for a Memorial Day celebration at Brookdale Countryside, Clearwater, Florida. It was an honor to listen to their stories.

The Navy Years from Heritage Media Group.
Tom is a 90 year old Navy veteran who served during WWII. We feel it is especially important to preserve the stories of veterans who served our country.

GRANDPARENTS from Heritage Media Group.
These are examples of the quintessential family stories that are so worth preserving. In this video, 4 siblings served as narrators of the family history. At times they remembered events differently, which made for interesting Rashomon-like segments. This is an excerpt of an 80-minute in-depth family biography video.

WWII SCOTLAND from Heritage Media Group.
Our objective is to make biographical videos interesting and informative; to produce material on-par with film and television biographies for a fraction of the price.  This is an excerpt of a 90-minute in-depth family biography video.

CANNES from Heritage Media Group.
Two brothers decided to make this video for their mother’s 80th birthday – to celebrate her life and to have a record of it for their children and progeny. We decided to incorporate some of their narrative – and their talents too. This is an excerpt of a 90-minute in-depth family biography video.

We love using home movies – especially super-8 and 16mm footage – to help illustrate stories. We oversee the transfer of old, delicate reels of film to video and digitized media. The ‘raw’ footage is preserved, and excerpts are used in the family biography video.

SHELDON AT WOODSTOCK from Heritage Media Group.
Sheldon went to Woodstock while his wife-to-be went to a wedding that weekend. The wedding fell apart, but Sheldon had the thrill of a lifetime. This is an excerpt of an 80-minute in-depth family biography video.

WWII ROMANIA from Heritage Media Group.
We feel we captured Vivienne’s eloquence and savoir faire – even in the moments she recounts her WWII experiences in Bucharest. Our approach to the interview process and our editorial expertise helps in this area. This is an excerpt of a 80-minute in-depth family biography video.

TEHRAN AND THE REVOLUTION from Heritage Media Group.
The confluence of world events with the lives of ordinary citizens expresses personal and global history. This family was fortunate to leave Iran, but the drama and tension of their experience is now woven into their life-story. Excerpt of a 70-minute in-depth family video biography.

QUO VADIS from Heritage Media Group.
Sandy ‘stumbled’ on the opportunity to work on one of the biggest budget films of the period – and what great stories and memories to share. This is an excerpt of a 90-minute in-depth family biography video.

MUSTANG STORY from Heritage Media Group.
Our videos utilize photos, stock imagery, and music to enhance the narrative. In this case, we really didn’t have effective supportive materials, and we were so taken by how the story is told by the 2 protagonists, we kept it straightforward and simple. An excerpt of an in-depth 70-minute family video biography.

LORETTA’S PRALINES from Heritage Media Group.
Loretta’s Pralines business in New Orleans was severely affected by Hurricane Katryna. This video is a portrait of Loretta, her business, and the help she received from Seedco, a non-profit organization that provides economic opportunities in disenfranchised areas.

Bernie’s story is fascinating, and I was asked to edit his video biography, aired on Comedy Central. This excerpt is from the beginning of the film, and as is often the case with humor, contains expletives.