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Walter toddler director

Walter’s passion for film and video production was evident on his first job as a Production Assistant in which he voluntarily slept in the Chelsea Hotel to safeguard equipment. He spent most of the night sketching the different lighting and camera setups that were used the previous day, and listening to the sounds of drunks, drug addicts and the night crawlers of New York in 1982.


Walter worked as an assistant cameraman, cameraman, and director of photography on independent films, promotions, and documentaries. He decided to pursue editing and went on to receive many awards as editor of music videos, commercials, documentaries, and marketing videos. He collaborated with Cyndi Lauper on several videos she directed, including the 12 Deadly Cyns compilation; he worked with Rob Zombie in Los Angeles on several videos he directed, and edited the feature length music documentary about REM, Tourfilm, with Jim Mckay and Michael Stipe. He has edited programs for PBS, TV Land, History Channel, Biography Channel, and Comedy Central, including ‘I Ain’t Scared of You’, a biography of comedian Bernie Mac. Some of this work can be found at https://vimeo.com/walts/videos


As a producer/director, Walter worked on projects in Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, and across the U.S. He has directed ride films (large screen format in which the seats move) in Sydney and New York, replete with aerial and underwater photography, dramatic action and special effects. He has directed a wide range of television commercials and marketing videos for financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and Fortune 500 companies, and has interviewed actors, artists, CEOs, physicians, scientists, veterans, educators, holocaust survivors, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs.


A few years ago, Walter was approached to make a biographical video of an acquaintance’s father. The success of that project and the several that followed has led to the creation of Heritage Media Group, a company that specializes in creating the highest quality video biographies. Walter incorporates the know-how of a bona fide filmmaker with the meticulous care of a family biographer to deliver a priceless gem for future generations.