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We recently finished the video biography of Sandy.  We filmed him upstate NY in the Catskills. Sandy has had a very interesting life, living in Italy and Scotland during WWII, Rome in the 1960s, and the United States since the mid-1970s.  To view excerpts of his video click on the link below:


We were hired by Audrey (Sandy’s daughter) and Bill (Audrey’s husband).  Bill really was the one who felt that Sandy’s story was important and wanted to record if for their children.  Here’s what Bill had to say about the finished video:

“I was totally thrilled with your work.  First of all you really captured all Sandy’s stories ( and then some) that always captivated me.  Second, you really captured Sandy exactly as he is, in all his glory….entertaining, articulate, old fashioned,  accomplished, worldly and parochial (all at once) and “somewhat” self-absorbed (which we somewhat tolerate and have somewhat accepted about him for a long time). Third, the final product is very impressive, very well produced and very professional.  Finally, I think it does exactly what I had envisioned, which was to inscribe someone I have always thought of as quite a character, his story, and the memories of his life and to create a connection to his life that at this point can best be made through him.  And the medium (in your hands) really proved up to the task. So Bravo! Very well done!”

The work we do means a lot to our clients.  We aim to please.