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Yes, there’s synergy, overlap, many shared interests between genealogy and biographical videos.  I believe both offer the participants a journey, a quest for a personal-historical ‘truth’.  I recently went to a meeting of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Tampa Bay.  It was a very interesting experience to meet the 20 or so members in attendance who are actively pursuing their family history.  The focus of the meeting was a webinar by Nolan Altman, Vice President of Data Acquisition at JewishGen.  He presented an in-depth look at the JewishGen website and offered several insights into the innovative search features.  It is truly amazing how technology and the web have facilitated the search for one’s roots.  And  JewishGen is free!  They have a youtube promotional video, and here’s the link:


My favorite quotes from the video naturally are a perfect fit for what we do at Heritage Media Group:

“…and satisfy this very human curiosity about where we come from and who we are.”

“…to help us preserve our family history and heritage for future generations”